How to accelerate growth of nails by means of vitamins

How to accelerate growth of nails by means of vitamins

Nails, as well as hair, need regular high-quality care. Then they "will thank" the stable growth, durability, in beautiful and healthy color, lack of hangnails, stratifications and having broken. It is possible to accelerate growth and to feed nail plates and by means of vitamins.

It is required to you

  • - polyvitaminic complexes;
  • - food;
  • - masks for nails of house preparation;
  • - vegetable oil.


1. Most often the slow growth of nails is explained by lack of vitamins. The first sign – fragility, elasticity, softness of nails. Certainly, for solution it is the most reliable to see behind consultation doctor, he will register suitable polyvitaminic complex and will appoint treatment.

2. Anyway, it is necessary to watch condition of the nail nails carefully. If you notice any of symptoms of avitaminosis – stratification, fragility, yellow strips, spots, roughness, tuberosity, etc., see doctor and get medicinal complex for food and strengthening of nails on the basis of vitamins. Thinning and slow growth – all these signs indicate that the organism feels the need for vitamins C, D, E, A.

3. Vitamin A can be received much, regularly using liver of beef, chicken, fish, cod-liver oil, butter. Consumption of the products rich with vitamin D will accelerate growth of nails: cod-liver oil, herring, salmon, tuna, milk, butter. Do not forget also about vitamin C which suppliers are kiwis, citrus, cabbage, dogrose.

4. Calcium promotes strengthening of nails, and therefore dairy products always have to be present at your table. Iodine and sulfur can also promote objective.

5. And, of course, vitamin E which suppliers is vegetable oil and seeds of nuts, cereal and bean. But, besides intake of vitamins in inside in natural or synthetic look, some of them can be used and outwardly. For example, vitamin E (in the liquid state) and iodine can just be rubbed in nail plates several times a day. If there is no time to wait for result, growth of nails can be accelerated, rubbing in their basis 2-3 times a day wheat germ oil. It is on sale in drugstore.

6. Growth of nails is promoted by regular vitamin baths on the basis of olive, burdock and any other vegetable oil. Mix juice of one lemon, two-three spoons of sea salt and tablespoon of the warmed-up oil. Lower fingers in bath for several minutes. Wash away mask usual water.

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