How to accept vitamins for health of skin

How to accept vitamins for health of skin

Skin constantly requires the correct care and food. If to it not to treat with due consideration, it will begin to wither gradually, premature wrinkles, irritations with the shelled sites will begin to appear.


1. Skin itself will prompt to you what vitamins and microelements it is not enough. If you on face have pimples, eels and other rashes, it means at you lack of vitamin A and Century. At dermatitis it is necessary to fill shortage of B2, B3 and B6 vitamins, at eczema accept the vitamin complexes containing vitamins A and In at dandruff – selenium and vitamin B. Besides, cosmetologists have developed the special complexes consisting of minerals and the active elements maintaining beauty and health of skin. Consider that depending on their structure and purpose they need to be accepted either together, or separately.

2. Daily consume the products containing large amount of vitamin A in food. Butter, fresh carrots with sour cream, fat grades of fish belong to them. These products are rich with Retinolum which in short terms perfectly restores the damaged skin cells. It as nutritional supplement often is appointed by doctors for treatment of burns and prevention of acne rash. At regular consumption of Retinolum the elasticity of skin considerably improves, and there is also cell fission process activation. But you remember that it is impossible to abuse this vitamin.

3. If you have dry skin, accept vitamin complexes which have included vitamin B. In large numbers it contains in kvass and in yeast. It effectively helps to moisturize face skin, and also to improve regeneration of its cages. Besides, it very quickly saves from different rashes on body.

4. Vitamin E is considered the vitamin, most useful to women. It favorably influences skin thanks to normalization of level of hormones in female body. As a result process of cell regeneration accelerates and on skin there is kind of film protecting from adverse effects of the external environment. In large numbers it contains in vegetable oils.

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