How to achieve beautiful and equal suntan

How to achieve beautiful and equal suntan

Many consider that for beautiful suntan it is enough to luxuriate under beams of the sun. But if not to know how it is correct to sunbathe, it is possible to receive uneven suntan, and even sunstroke or burns. Let's understand how to achieve beautiful and equal suntan.

It is required to you

  • - sunblock cream
  • - means after suntan


1. Before suntan it is necessary to deliver to taboo on body lotions, toilet water, soap. These means destroy the acid environment of skin, do it defenseless and vulnerable in the sun.

2. It is impossible to combine suntan and make-up. Decorative cosmetics contains preservatives, fragrances and other components, incompatible with ultraviolet, which under the influence of the sun can form pigmental spots on skin. Use only of hygienic lipstick which will protect lips from peresushivaniye is admissible.

3. It is necessary to use sun-protection creams with certain level of protection and means after suntan. Level of protection depends on type of your skin: than it is lighter, that the level of protection has to be higher.

4. In day of acceptance of solar bathtubs it is forbidden to do epilation. This procedure leads to emergence of set of microscopic wounds which on sun roast can inflame. If not to do without epilation at all, then make it since evening, and you come to the beach in the second half of the next day.

5. It is necessary to get used to the sun gradually not to burn. At first you come to the beach no more than for 1-2 hours, trying to use umbrella or to be covered with beach wrap, then for 1.5-2 hours and so on, gradually increasing stay time for the sun. And then by the end of holiday you will be able to be on the beach several hours without risk to burn.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team