How to achieve beautiful complexion

How to achieve beautiful complexion

Ideal skin, unfortunately, meets quite seldom, and to achieve beautiful complexion by means of only one make-up very difficult. That uneven, tired and dim skin looked beautiful and healthy again, approach the solution of this problem in a complex.


1. Secretion of faultless skin – the permanent care of it including five main stages: clarification, toning, moistening, food and protection. The main procedures – morning and evening clarification and toning of skin. On its surface the died-off cells of epidermis, part of sweat and skin fat gradually accumulate. Street dust, ashes, exhaust gases and the decorative cosmetics applied in the morning by the evening prevents skin to breathe. Except daily clarification by cosmetic milk, gel or other special means, regularly you carry out peeling. In house conditions it becomes by means of the srub containing small abrasive parts. There are saloon procedures of impact on skin chemical peelings which dissolve fat cages by means of enzymes, fruit or alphahydroxyacids.

2. The cleaning masks, deleting superficial pollution from skin, release time. The antiseptic additives which are contained in them, destroy bacteria. The mask by thick layer is put on all face, excepting area around lips and eyes. Consider that before this procedure previously it is necessary to level skin by means of srub, and after – it is obligatory to wipe with tonic. It gives elasticity, narrows pores, removes inflammations, regulates cellular exchange of skin. Fruit and vegetable masks have great tonic properties. Try to knead half of banana and to put the received weight thin layer on face and neck. It is also possible to put for a while to skin thin slices of cucumber, kiwi, potatoes.

3. Remember that not any water well influences skin. At rigid there is excess of calcium, iron and magnesium. Connecting to skin fat, they form the sticky substances corking channels of sweat and sebaceous glands that leads to violation of normal activity of skin. Melt and rain water is only suitable for washing in case it is collected in the eco-friendly place. Wash water of room temperature, adding to it juice from fresh berries, cucumbers, apples (1:1). Contrast use of hot and cold water is very useful. Positively influencing blood circulation, it is also the quite good gymnastics for vessels providing healthy nutrition of skin. Harmful also sunlight affects health of skin. After toning, especially in summertime, you put on face protective cream with the UV filter.

4. In any drugstore it is possible to buy vitamins for beauty and health of skin today. Before their acquisition, attentively study the problem. Each vitamin is necessary for the solution of the task: And – struggles with acne rash, moisturizes the skin; Е – interferes with age changes; With – bleaches and levels tone of the person; Д – humidifies and feeds.

5. Certainly, health and appearance of skin are affected also by way of life. Responsible for dim complexion – chronic sleep debt. You lay down earlier since night sleep has to last not less than eight hours. Include more vegetables and fruit in the daily menu, be in the fresh air more often. And then your skin will radiate health, shining freshness and purity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team