How to achieve beautiful hair color

How to achieve beautiful hair color

The beautiful hair color is dream of each woman. But to achieve desirable result not always it turns out. As in advance you will not foresee what result will turn out in interaction of natural pigment of hair with dye. It is only possible to assume what color they will gain when coloring. And unfortunately, it not always expected. Hair of natural color too for various reasons are often deprived of beauty. However at integrated approach to this problem it is solvable.

It is required to you

  • Healthy nutrition, natural or chemical dyes, coloring shampoo, tonics, broth of herbs and flowers.


  1. Food which you eat has great impact on beauty of hair. Therefore include products which are vital for maintaining their gloss and health in the diet. Eat citrus more often. They promote production of collagen which promotes growth of beautiful hair.
  2. Eat two times in week of beef. It contains zinc, iron, vitamin B which will help to support healthy type of your head of hear. The regular use of liver will help to keep you hair shine.
  3. Daily include fermented milk products which contain construction material for your hair in the diet. At least eat 3 times a week fat fish. She contains the polyunsaturated acids necessary for their growth and beautiful appearance.
  4. In order that your hair beautiful it became possible just to paint them. For this purpose choose natural dyes (henna, basma, onions peel, rhubarb) or paint of high quality. Dyes contain the substances reflecting light that promotes emergence of gloss. For improvement of result wash hair with special balm which happens complete with paint.
  5. That the hair has gained that color which suits you, it is necessary to take the lock and to paint it. Whether so you will be able to understand the correct shade paint is taken.
  6. For revival of hair color use toning, kolorirovaniye. Besides, by means of coloring shampoo it is possible to correct shade. For example, dark hair with gray hair can be kolorirovat different shades of chestnut. It will turn out very beautifully and effectively.
  7. Give to hair beautiful color, rinsing them after washing with infusion of herbs and flowers. Fair hair - broth of camomile, cinnamon, hop, lemon. Dark hair - tea leaves, oak bark. Red it is recommended to rinse with walnuts, onions peel, infusion of shell of hazelnuts.
  8. Only at the same time influencing hair from within and outside you will be able to achieve good result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team