How to achieve fair-haired color

Fair-haired color is, perhaps, the most widespread natural shade of hair of the Russian girls. However still absolutely in youth many experiment with color of head of hear, paint hair in more dark shade, or, on the contrary, in blond – and later try to return initial fair-haired color. How to achieve beautiful fair-haired hair color? Let's try to understand.


  1. Consult with the good hairdresser. Did you decolour many years hair or, on the contrary, constantly painted them in black or dark-chestnut color, but now have decided that you want fair-haired hair color? Keep in mind that to achieve the beautiful fair-haired color similar to natural, it is not easier, than, for example, to remove "effect of yellowness" from the decoloured hair. Therefore all process surely has to take place with the assistance of the professional. The hairdresser will pick up way of coloring depending on structure and condition of your hair, will recommend suitable masks, balms and other means for leaving after coloring.
  2. Make washing of hair. The remover is special structure by means of which it is possible to remove unsuccessful paint from hair and in some cases even to return to head of hear natural shade. If you have injured, splitting hair or if you often carry out coloring, the remover should be done not independently, and in salon. Any chemical is stress for hair and therefore it is necessary that after process of remover the hair have received necessary care.
  3. Pick up suitable shade. Light brown, chestnut-colored, ashy-fair-haired, natural fair-haired — here only some shades which offer producers of hair-dyes in "fair-haired" palette. Consult to the expert and choose that which will approach your shade of skin and appearance type. Coloring also should be carried out in salon, in several weeks after the procedure of remover. And after coloring the strengthened leaving – is surely necessary in order that your hair have begun to shine.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team