How to achieve hollow cheeks

How to achieve hollow cheeks

Subcutaneous fat in the form of the drooped cheeks can make deceptive impression as a result of which even the slender girl will seem chubby. To get rid of roundish outlines and to create elegant cheekbone it is possible by means of simple councils.

It is required to you

  • – simple pencil or tube of mascara
  • – diary of food


1. Analyze the way of life and habits. Fat deposits in cheeks can demonstrate that the person often inclines the head down, accepting pose of "frown". In this case it is necessary to approach solution in a complex. Try to remember as often as possible that the head needs to be held directly, and the line of chin has to lie strictly parallel to the line of floor.

2. Use exercises for buccal muscles. One of the most widespread of them is, so-called, "drawing by lips". For this purpose squeeze lips tip of pencil or tube of mascara and try to draw subject letter "A". For the first time register the first five letters of the alphabet in air. This exercise needs to be carried out every day, gradually increasing quantity of the "registered" letters.

3. Reconsider the diet. Increase in fat deposits in cheeks is possible - it is result of the excess consumption of high-calorific food. Try to keep during the day diary of food in which you include all products which have been accepted in food. If independently it is not possible to balance the diet, then address the nutritionist.

4. Include in the program of physical exercises of fitness loading. If the busy operating schedule prevents full sports then partially refuse transport and elevators. Trainers claim that for prevention of obesity (including local) it is necessary to take 10,000 steps a day that is equivalent to 2.5 hours of foot walk on average speed.

5. Complete course of sculptural massage. This cosmetic procedure is contraindicated to women up to 25 years. The complex of sculptural massage allows to influence lymphatic layer and muscular framework of face skin that after the first three procedures results in surprising result.

6. See doctor in case all efforts have not resulted in desirable result. Probability of metabolic disorders and secretory system is in that case high. Chubby cheeks can also appear as a result of unlimited water consumption, salt and pepper.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team