How to achieve ideal face skin

How to achieve ideal face skin

Faultless face skin is dream of any girl. Still, ideal skin causes admiration, symbolizes health, does not bring trouble upon the owner and allows to experiment with make-up. Unfortunately, faultless skin meets more and more seldom - the cause is both bad ecology, and life rhythm. But it is quite possible to improve condition of the skin.

For a start understand quite simple and obvious regularity: what you see in mirror directly depends on what is on your table every day. Improper feeding - direct way to bad, dim skin. Why? Our skin is not only some kind of ""cover"", it both the biggest respiratory and secretory body. Failures in digestion lead to accumulation of toxins and hazardous substances which are removed also by skin including, settling on it the inflammations, heat-spots hammered with time and in the earthy color.

Add the menu with fermented milk products, warm high-carbohydrate breakfasts (porridges, for example) which adjust works of digestive system, proteinaceous food (irreplaceable construction material!) and fruit and vegetables rich with cellulose. Refuse frying - first, the steamed or stewed food keeps in itself bigger amount of useful substances, and secondly you will save organism from the toxic carcinogens produced even by the most useful oil when heating.

If you are young, but with unpleasant surprise have already found several wrinkles on the skin, do not panic - can be, it just lacks water. Check it easy way - just slightly pinch piece of skin and look, how fast it will be smoothed. If the trace does not pass at once - dehydration is available! Therefore remember: not less than 1.5-2 liters of water a day (depending on your growth and weight). Always you carry with yourself small bottle of still clear water, and begin morning with glass of warm water which should be drunk small drinks for half an hour till breakfast. It besides will improve digestion! Green rather weak and unsweetened tea - also excellent assistant in fight against dim and problem skin, it is the excellent antioxidant checked for centuries.

Avoid stresses and you sleep not less than 8-10 hours. Only during this time sport. Run or the bicycle in the beautiful park is excellent source of endorphines and the means improving blood circulation and saturation of skin oxygen!

Of course, it is necessary to work not only from within, but also in every possible way to support and humour skin by means of daily leaving. First of all it is worth deciding on skin type precisely. What it at you - dry, fat, mixed or if you were absolutely lucky, normal? Depending on it choose daily leaving which is provided in shops by the whole programs for each type. Clarification, toning, moistening are three steps, necessary for any skin - from normal to fat. Remember that the peeling procedures are necessary even for dry skin as the died-off parts are formed including on it. One-two in week do the restoring vitamin masks - and your skin will begin to shine!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team