How to achieve smooth skin

How to achieve smooth skin

The business card of the woman undoubtedly is her appearance. But all your efforts on acquisition of ideal appearance will ruin if your skin has unhealthy appearance.


1. Look after skin. Do it daily. Use srubs which save skin from devitalized particles, that is have the peeling effect. Shops represent the huge range of similar means, but if you wish, prepare them in house conditions. Take a little ground coffee or salt and connect to soap when washing. Also you can add them to cream. Two-three times a week you carry out this procedure and purify your skin. You can use srubs, taking shower.

2. You should not use hot or too cold water for washing. You spare your skin - wash warm water. After washing or acceptance of shower use lotion or the moisturizing cream.

3. Apply nutritious cream on the surface of shins, hips and buttocks. Wrap these places polyethylene and then towel. Lie down quietly half an hour, then put away towel and polyethylene and not absorbed cream rub in skin.

4. Skin foot the most rough. Soften it, applying daily nutritious cream. Before it carry out grinding of skin by means of ordinary nail file.

5. Often standing small red heat-spots develop. This safe, but not esthetic thickening of skin. It is difficult to deal with this problem - as a rule, it has hereditary character. Try to use special cream with alpha and beta hydroxyacids. They help time to reveal and purify skin.

6. Especially sharply the question how to achieve smooth skin, costs in case you are subject to cellulitis. Quite really to tighten skin for small time, approximately for couple of hours. For this purpose get special anti-cellulite cream which part caffeine or seaweed are.

7. Use recipes of your grandmothers. For example, apply burdock oil to softening of skin or wipe face with broth of calendula and camomile.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team