How to achieve thick hair

How to achieve thick hair

Thick well-groomed hair is subject of admiration of men and envy of women. However not each woman can brag of dense head of hear. There are several checked ways how to revitalize hair.


  1. At the child's birth it puts certain quantity hair follicle. Scientists have established that about 80% of hair constantly grow. Other 20% stay in the sleeping state. They can try to be activated. Try to use various tonic masks after washing of the head.
  2. Every two weeks squeeze out juice of onions. Rub it before washing of the head in roots of hair. In about 10-15 minutes wash away warm water. This means will help you to strengthen hair and will stimulate emergence of new.
  3. Other way to achieve thick hair is to increase thickness of each hair. For this purpose constantly do the strengthening masks. One of the most effective remedies is burdock oil. Rub it in roots of moist hair and on all their length wrap food polyethylene wrap, and then - warm towel. Wait approximately for minutes 30-40. After that wash away warm water and shampoo. After the first use of oil you will notice that your hair begin to change.
  4. Try to carry out daily on 10-15 minutes massage of the head. Do slight circular motions by hands. It will promote active blood supply of bulbs. After two weeks of regular massage you will notice result.
  5. Now in beauty shops there is large number of cosmetology procedures for recovery of structure of hair. The greatest popularity was won by the youngest of them – lamination of hair. Its essence consists in soldering of each hair in the protective breathing cellulose film. At the same time thickness of hair increases approximately by 15%, they become more smooth, live and sparkling. As a result all hairstyle receives bigger volume. Especially such procedure is good for those women who are constantly painted and do chemical wave.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team