How to add oil to creams

How to add oil to creams

Many oils are useful to skin. They are capable to improve its tone, to help to cope with dryness, rash or irritation. However the majority of oils cannot be applied in pure form – they should be added to creams.

It is required to you

  • - basic cream for essential oils;
  • - any cream for base oils.


1. Usually, girls, having for the first time become interested in essential oils, make the same typical mistake. They buy the essential oil suitable for their type of skin, add several drops to habitual face cream which they always used, and apply the turned-out means to skin in full confidence that now cream will work even more effectively. It is not necessary to do it. Ready cream has the active components which are picked up by cosmetologists and druggists. At addition to it of essential oils the effect can turn out very unexpected, oil will begin to react with means components. Besides, essential oil is capable to get into deeper layers of epidermis, than cream. And in the turned-out mix of molecule of oil are capable "to drag off" for themselves cream particles there where they should not be.

2. It is necessary to mix essential oils with basic creams. Such means can be got in cosmetic shop or drugstore, and it is possible and to prepare independently. For this purpose try to use vegetable oils, oil of mango or shi, distilled or still mineral water and also emulsifier. Kindle one-two teaspoons of shea butter or mango on water bath then add to them 10-20 milliliters of vegetable oil (it is possible to use olive, almond, grape seeds or any other) and mix. In separate ware heat water to similar temperature. Add emulsifier according to the instruction, and then mix both components, constantly stirring slowly. Shake up the turned-out means the mini-mixer before cooling. Now you can safely add any essential oils to your cream.

3. And here many base oils can be added to already available creams. It is necessary to do it just before use. Scoop amount of cream necessary to you, add to it several drops of oil and accurately mix components then you can put means on face. Also many base oils are admissible to be used in pure form.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team