How to apply coconut oil

How to apply coconut oil

oil is produced by extraction from coconut pulp. Soft part separates from shell, dries, crushed and cold pressing gives useful oil. It is quite popular in cosmetology as contains nutritious and medical components much: lauric, myristic, olein, caprylic, palmitic, capric, kaprovy and other acids.


  1. Coconut oil has strong consistence, by the form it reminds soap. Oil thaws at temperature from 25 degrees including when drawing it on skin. Its strong consistence is caused by contents in it lauric and myristic acids. Despite this, oil is well absorbed, does not leave fat marks and film.
  2. Coconut oil thanks to saturated fat structure is ideal for food and moistening of dry skin, it effectively helps to struggle also with small wrinkles. Regularly you put coconut oil on face, body, on the cracked lips. Blot surplus with napkin. It is allowed to apply purely refined coconut oil to skin. Not refined combine with other vegetable oils. Having added liquid honey to coconut oil, you receive magnificent natural srub which at the same time also moisturizes the skin.
  3. Coconut oil will bark medical effect for the injured hair. Dip fingers of hands in means and massage head skin, rubbing oil in roots. It is possible to apply several drops on crest and to comb hair, having saturated them to the tips. It is not necessary to wash away oil, it creates protective film on hair - it prevents negative impact of alkaline shampoos, hard water and aggressive factors of the external environment. Therefore after frequent washing by shampoo, regular drying phenom hair are not injured, at the same time they split less and keep the healthy look.
  4. Coconut oil well removes irritation, reddenings and the naggers of skin after sting of mosquitoes and midges. Mix together several drops of oils of coco, tea tree and lavender and apply the cotton tampon impregnated with means to the inflamed place.
  5. Coconut oil – also means for removal of make-up. Just drip a little oil on cotton pad and remove cosmetics from eyes and the person as you do it by usual milk for skin clarification.
  6. Use of coconut oil is effective at treatment of cracks on palms, elbows and heels. Grease with it wounds and burns - means possesses anti-inflammatory and wound healing action.

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