How to apply collagen

How to apply collagen

spheres of human activity as pharmaceutics, cosmetology, food production do not do without collagen use. The popularity of this substance is caused by its characteristics: collagen is very elastic and strong. Whether it is worth saying that all compounds of fabrics contain collagen in human body.


  1. Emergence of collagen in cosmetology is not accidental, fibers of this substance make the most part of skin. When skin begins to grow old, process of release of collagen cages changes and slows down for this reason skin loses former elasticity. However there are certain Regulations of Admission of collagen and medicines on its basis, for example, if to apply cosmetics with this protein in the form of face creams, skin will not be able to receive it in sufficient volume, collagen will remain, only on surface.
  2. The special cosmetic injections containing collagen are considered as the most effective method. Medicines enter hypodermically therefore process of penetration is very fast and effective. By means of injections, wrinkles are eliminated, face contours are adjusted, skin is literally nourished with elasticity.
  3. Biological injections of collagen apply also in plastic surgery, for example to increase in volume of lips. It should be noted that collagen became the real rescue for the people having some shortcomings of type of scars and hems. By means of protein the injured sites of skin are leveled and afterwards become less noticeable.
  4. Pharmacological methods of application also surprise with the extensiveness. Collagen is used as film, by sponges, capsules and tablets. For example, ophthalmologic film from collagen - useful product which is used at eye cornea diseases.
  5. If to affect the sphere of fabric engineering, then collagen is shown as biological material here, it replaces skin and bone tissue.
  6. In surgery collagen acts as addition to threads. Such threads are resolving and are applied to seam on body. And here the sponges containing collagen are used at operations, they reduce inflammatory process and help to heal wound quicker.
  7. As for the food industry, here collagen acts as additive to favourite delicacy of many in jelly production. Jelly, fruit candy and other sweets contain gelatin in which there are parts of collagen which give to desserts elasticity.

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