How to apply cream powder

How to apply cream powder

The good make-up cannot be provided without foundation or more universal remedy – cream powder. It unites the masking properties of foundation and fixing - powder make-up. Thus the effect of freshness of make-up throughout the day is provided. Besides, producers include the components protecting skin from influence of the external environment in composition of modern cream powder. The qualitative make-up in many respects depends on observance of rules of drawing this means.


  1. First of all it is necessary to clean face skin by means of suitable for your type of skin of special means. It is not recommended to apply cream powder to skin with very wide time. It will give them bigger relief.
  2. Put the moisturizing cream on face, blot surplus with wet towel wipes. It is necessary to wait 5-10 minutes until cream completely is absorbed.
  3. Put on special bandage or scarf as much as possible to open the person. Track that the place where you do make-up, has been most lit. Do not put cream powder on neck and area of decollete if you are not going to spend the whole day in open dress.
  4. It is necessary to apply cream powder in the small portions. It is better to drip at first tone on the back of palm and to distribute it finger-tips or sponge. Coordinate tone of cream powder with shade of your skin. Movements when drawing have to be easy, air, kind of smoothing.
  5. At first apply means on the middle of forehead, then hammer with slight circular motions on all surface of forehead, up to the hair. Here shade especially carefully.
  6. In the same way distribute cream powder from temple down. Further cheeks, here the movement should be directed towards ears. Accurately, on small portion, from century to eyebrows and under eyes. About eyes it is recommended to apply cream powder with brush – it will provide natural distribution, up to the eyelashes. To give to cream powder effect of bigger firmness, powder face also friable powder, previously having irrigated skin with thermal water.
  7. Having applied small amount on nose wings, distribute it on all surface of nose. Carefully consider result of work in mirror. The found roughnesses can be shaded sponge.
  8. Cream powder needs to be washed away before going to bed, using special means for washing. Regularly wash out sponge, at least once in month.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team