How to apply face serum

How to apply face serum

It seems to you that face cream insufficiently actively affects skin? Try to strengthen its action, having applied serum. Correctly picked up product will help to solve many problems with skin, will make it more smooth, shining and gentle. To learn to use this wonderful means absolutely simply, the main thing is not to forget that it is necessary to do it regularly.


1. Choose means, suitable for your skin. Serums can solve various problems – they do skin of more elastic, improve complexion, remove hypostases, remove pigmental spots and smooth wrinkles. Universal remedies do not exist – what serum is designed to solve narrower range of problems, there are more chances that it will work.

2. If you need to refresh the person and to get rid of wrinkles, conduct two courses — one by one. You should not put two means at the same time or to alternate them. That the serum has begun to work, daily drawing for three weeks is required. After that it is possible to take break and to try new means.

3. Study the recommendations of the producer of product. Some means can be put on all face, you should not apply others on gentle skin around eyes. There are also special serums for century which can be used along with face treatments.

4. Before drawing means carefully clean face cosmetic milk and soft tonic. Squeeze out serum drop on fingers and quickly distribute it on the person. For one procedure two-three drops are enough. You do not aim to impose product thick layer. Serum – not cream, it is applied and works differently.

5. Make small facial massage, gently patting skin finger-tips. Especially accurately handle centuries. But the face contour can be processed more actively. Clap chin and cheeks the back of palms.

6. Serum is absorbed very quickly. It is possible to leave it as the only looking after means or to apply over it the moisturizing cream. Accurately distribute habitual portion of cream finger-tips and delicate pats to its vmassiruyta in skin. In 15 minutes the surplus can be erased facecloth.

7. Serum can become good basis under make-up. Apply on it base under make-up, tone means or the proofreader and fix all this by friable powder.

8. Means of instant influence which are used not by courses, and from time to time, in special cases meet. They create effect of well-groomed, shining face before party or after sleepless night. Usually such serums are packaged in disposable plastic capsules. Open one of them and put liquid on face finger-tips. Do not forget about eyelids, area under eyes, chin and neck. Wait five minutes and start make-up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team