How to apply grape seed oil

How to apply grape seed oil

of grape seeds contains vitamins A, E and groups B, the polyunsaturated acids and other substances which are well influencing condition of hair, skin and nails. Thanks to these properties this vegetable cosmetic was used by women since ancient times.

It is required to you

  • - grape seed oil;
  • - cosmetic oils: jojoba, not roles, fennel, pine, wheat germs, etc.;
  • - cotton pads for face skin care.


  1. Add grape seed oil to the cosmetics for the purpose of enrichment with their vitamins and other various useful substances. To shampoos add 7-10% of oil of grape seeds, to creams – about 15% of this vegetable product.
  2. Use oil of grape seeds for procedures for daily care for skin. Apply it as aftershave lotion or means after suntan or acceptance of shower. This product can be used and in pure form, and in mix with other cosmetic oils (in proportion 1:1).
  3. At the dry, inflamed or withering skin mix grape seed oil with fatter and nutritious cosmetic oils (for example, with avocado oil, jojoba, wheat germs) in the ratio 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1 and add one-two drops of essential oils of sandal-wood tree, orange or camomiles to the received mix. Wipe with the cotton tampon moistened with this mix, the cleaned face skin before going to bed every day.
  4. Apply oil of grape seeds to face cleansing and removal of make-up: apply on the tampon of 5-6 drops of means humidified in hot water and wipe with it skin.
  5. At mimic wrinkles around eyes make mix of one tablespoon of oil of grape seeds and one tablespoon of oil of avocado, add to it 1-2 drops of essential oils of rose, not roles, sandal-wood tree. Wipe with this mix eye area twice a day.
  6. At deep wrinkles you apply to face skin 1-2 times a day the mix prepared as follows: add to 1 tablespoon of grape oil on 2 drops of essential oils of fennel, mints, pines or not roles.
  7. If you have oily skin with enlarged pores – daily do mask with use of oil of grape seeds. Previously clean with any cosmetic face skin and decollete. Then apply on this area mix of grape oil with wheat germ oil or jojoba. Hammer with easy movements of finger-tips it into skin. In half an hour remove surplus of mask napkin.

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