How to apply hair gel

How to apply hair gel

Gel is capable not only to record hairstyle, but also to give it the volume, the new form, "wet" effect and other elements of beauty. It is possible to apply gel on hair in various ways depending on density of hair, their length and your mood.


  1. If you have fine dry hair of short length, you were lucky: hair of this kind are very obedient therefore with them it is possible to do set of different things. Take small amount of gel on palm, pound it between fingers and tousle hair. Then lift upward and dry up phenom, having recorded in such situation. Only you do not apply too much gel, otherwise it will become noticeable, and hair will look at the same time oily.
  2. The allocated locks perfectly will be suitable for fine hair of average length. Pound a little gel in palms, then massage hands the head. Try to do it so that gel did not get on roots of hair. After giving to hairstyle of form take two fingers separate lock and grease with gel on all length. Thus you can allocate so many locks how many you will wish. Do not forget to allow hairstyle to dry.
  3. If you have long fine hair, then collect them in tail. Then take a little gel, apply on separate locks as it is described in the previous point, and wind by means of the curling iron, having left part of hair straight lines. Gel will not make heavier fine hair, like skin or mousse, as a result, they will look naturally.
  4. If you have dense short head of hear, then it is possible to create effect of wet hair. For this purpose use gel of strong fixing, having applied it on palm or hairbrush and having distributed on all length. At the same time it is possible to give to hair certain form, for example, to lift upward. Then allocate tips.
  5. Laying in unisex style will be suitable for thick hair of average length. At first apply wax on hair, and then there is a little gel, fingers comb head of hear from forehead back and let's it dry. It is better to use this option as evening as, at artificial lighting it will be noticeable how hair shine.
  6. If you have long thick hair, then it is better to apply gel only on radical part, it will give them curvy shape.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team