How to apply ink

How to apply ink

The modern girl just does not represent the life without make-up. And, of course, the main attribute of make-up is ink. But not each girl knows how it is correct to put her. If ink is applied correctly, then it will not be showered till the evening. Observing simple technology of drawing make-up, your eyes will expressively look for all day.


  1. Ink has to be the final stage in make-up. You do not apply at first ink, and then shadows or eyeliner. In that case they will be showered on eyelashes, and color of ink will become not such bright.
  2. If you twist eyelashes, then it is better to do before you make up them ink, otherwise they can just get off in bunches.
  3. At first make up upper eyelashes from above (from century), and then from below (outer side of eyelashes). Take brush and make zigzag movements, but at the same time you drive brush from the basis and to the tips. Such way of putting ink will help to avoid lumps.
  4. To make up the lower eyelashes, you hold brush vertically. And just carry out on eyelashes forward and back.
  5. It is the best of all to make up eyelashes with one layer of ink, it is quite enough. At most you can make one more layer, but it is no more, and, eyelashes will just get off and the effect will be not such as you would like.
  6. You watch that on brush a lot of ink because she will lay down on eyelashes unevenly did not accumulate. If you have noticed that the brush has saved up a lot of means, then just wipe it with dry napkin.
  7. It is the best of all to use waterproof ink as seldom as possible. She very hard acts. It is desirable to use for removal of waterproof ink special means which promote easy removal of ink, without harm for eyelashes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team