How to apply lotion

How to apply lotion

The word with the Roman roots and the French origin "lotion" is perceived by consumers as means for skin clarification. It not always so. Actually lotion performs several functions, and not always clarification is main. One of the translations of the word "lotio" means "ablution", it transfers essence of this cosmetic better, "to wash" not always means "to wash". It is necessary to apply lotion according to its appointment.


1. The widest group – the cleaning face lotions. They represent liquid which part various chemical and natural components helping to remove from face surplus of skin fat, dust and other pollution are. Apply enough such lotion on cotton pad and wipe with it face skin and necks. Let's moisture dry in the natural way.

2. One of subgroups of the cleaning lotions – lotions for removal of make-up. Apply such lotion on cotton pad, remove with quiet movements decorative cosmetics from face skin and lips. Application of some of them does not demand any additional procedures. Other lotions are only means of the correct preparation of skin for the next stage of clarification. Information on it has to contain on packing.

3. Tonic lotions are necessary to increase elasticity of skin, to give it healthy and fresh look. Use tonic lotion as independent means during the day if you do not use tone means, or wipe with it face skin before drawing make-up. You put it on face by means of cotton pad or easily drive in into skin with finger-tips.

4. The calming lotions are necessary to remove inflammation and irritation of skin. The calming lotion softens skin, takes off pain. It is applied not only to face skin, but also to body. The calming lotions applied after suntan have become widespread. You apply such lotions with palm, finger-tips or cotton pad depending on scope.

5. The moisturizing lotions are intended not only for the person too, but also for body. Such lotions are necessary to return to skin elasticity, to soften it and to saturate with moisture. Depending on appointment, they can have different consistence - from watery emulsion to rather liquid cream. You apply the moisturizing tonic of liquid consistence by means of cotton pad, creamy – finger-tips or palms (depending on part of body).

6. The restoring and nutritious lotions can be in the form of liquid or rather dense, but at the same time light creamy substance. They are necessary to saturate face skin or bodies with salutary components. Often such lotions recommend to put for the night before going to bed. You apply them according to instructions on packing.

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