How to apply masks to hair

How to apply masks to hair

Hair care — not the simplest business. Selection of the correct shampoos and conditioners takes a lot of time, and use of masks can both improve, and to worsen condition of hair.


  1. Certainly, it is much simpler to support hair which initially differ in gloss and health in good condition, and it is much more difficult to bring the hair weakened, overdried, exhausted with constant colourings into decent look. In this case to the course there are various masks for hair and even grandmother's recipes which at thoughtless application can do much harm to the state of health. It is very important to possess all necessary information on type of hair and skin correctly to select ukhodovy means. You should not buy means for oily hair if they normal or dry and vice versa.
  2. Masks for hair — basic products which women need periodically to use everything. In fact the usual mask for hair represents more concentrated conditioner which contains number of the additional ingredients promoting improvement of condition of head skin and hair. Masks can perform various functions. Their main objectives include recovery of structure of hair, mitigation and food, giving of elasticity, arrangement of layer of cuticle.
  3. Masks are applied in case of emergency, prevention of damages and just to maintenance of quality of head of hear at the appropriate level. After any traumatic procedures, for example, of coloring or chemical wave, it is necessary to use suitable masks for harm minimization.
  4. Creamy masks are applied on clean hair by means of crest with very rare teeths. Liquid masks are rubbed in roots of hair by fingers or put with cotton pads. After distribution of means on the surface of the head, put on hat for shower or usual cellophane package, after that wrap the turned-out design towel. The greenhouse effect created thus will accelerate digestion of valuable substances hair and head skin.
  5. Always maintain time specified in the instruction on packing. You should not think that hair will feel better at long influence of mask. Modern means perform all functions for the specified time.
  6. Wash away masks large amount of water of comfortable temperature. After application of these means do not use the conditioner at all.
  7. Frequency of use of masks depends on condition of your hair. If they healthy and brilliant, it is enough to use masks few times in month. If there are serious problems, masks is admissible to apply to three times a week. Daily use of masks for hair is not recommended as it can do much harm to your head of hear.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team