How to apply stamping on gel polish

How to apply stamping on gel polish

Now there is set of types of design for manicure. Now it is so simple to create beautiful manicure directly at home! With it you will be helped by stamping – popular technology of drawing patterns on nails. You will need set for stamping design, acrylic paints.

Of course, everything will come over time – without skill anywhere. It is better to apply stamping on gel polish, then you will be able easily to eliminate any defects, without having done much harm the main surface of nail. You put the drawing so many time how many it will be required – it has to turn out accurate and beautiful.

How does stamping become? Of course, at first prepare your marigold, having made esthetic manicure. Qualitatively process cuticle, give the necessary form to plate – oval, square – here already to solve to you. Then apply colourless gel polish, dry it. Cause primary color (it becomes in two layers), drying up everyone in ultra-violet lamp. Then remove sticky layers from nails – with it you will be helped by special solution. After that marigold is ready to drawing stamping.

You will need stamp, the necessary disk, the scraper, varnish for drawing. Still prepare acetone with cotton pads in advance. Process all tools previously acetone that the drawing turned out more accurate.

Apply varnish on disk with the pleasant pattern, distributing it evenly. Delete with the scraper surplus of varnish. Print the rolling movement the drawing on stamp. Act accurately – do not hurry! Now repeat action, only now print the drawing from stamp directly on nail. If the drawing looks somehow differently, then at once erase it acetone and repeat.

You are happy with the turned-out drawing? Then put fixer layer, dry in lamp. Remove sticky layer, using napkins without fibers.

Such manicure usually serves up to three weeks, sometimes even longer. But if desired you can change design of marigold and are more often. Use acrylic lacquers, with their help it is very simple to create volume, accurate patterns. It turns out very beautifully, at the same time for short term. Gel polishes will not approach – they have consistence more dense, and you will not be able qualitatively to transfer the drawing to marigold.

Having been accustomed, you will be able to create true pieces of art on such small area of nail, will admire the manicure and to surprise with it people around. But the main thing – what economy will turn out if to do it independently!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team