How to apply the drawing on hair

How to apply the drawing on hair

If you creative nature also like to draw attention to yourself with extravagant dresses, bright color manicure, then it is possible to add the bright image with stylish novelty - pattern or "tattoo" on hair.

It is required to you

  • - cliche;
  • - hair-dye;
  • - brush or spray for coloring;
  • - hair care products;
  • - hairbrush.


  1. Use special cliche. If decide what picture you want to see on the hair, then pick up color of paint which will favourably shade such work of art, and carefully measure length of hair - it has to be not less than 5 cm.
  2. Accurately apply the drawing on the paper or the thin sheet of cardboard, plastic or other rather dense material. It is necessary that cliche as it is possible more densely nestled on hair, did not move down and was not rumpled in the course of putting paint. Cut out emptiness where it is necessary, - the cliche is ready.
  3. Prepare hair. They have to be clean and equal is guarantee of successful drawing the drawing. On the curling head of hear the picture simply will not be noticeable. In order that your drawing showed to advantage more, previously dye hair in one tone - best of all in light.
  4. As soon as you prepare hair, start drawing the drawing. For this purpose apply cliche to the head and begin to apply paint. If you use usual paint, then accurately distribute it in free space of cliche by means of special hairdresser's brush.
  5. If to you it is so inconvenient, then dissolve paint and fill in it in usual spray. Then accurately apply it through cliche on hair. The main thing, you watch that the consistence of the painting substance was not too liquid. Otherwise it will simply spread on hair, and the drawing will not turn out.
  6. Now keep paint on hair the put time - usually it is 40 minutes, and then accurately wash away. Do not forget also about the procedure of hair care accompanying coloring. Surely apply on the head mask and balm for food and moistening of hair. Then dry up the head and estimate the turned-out result.
  7. It is also possible to apply paint on hair temporarily - all on once. For this purpose there are special coloring shampoos, gels, etc. The drawing made by means of such means will hold on only one day. But at the same time will help you to strike surrounding with original and stylish hairstyle.
  8. If your task is not in applying full-fledged picture on hair, can "draw" to yourself leopard spots. Braid hair to the spit and apply on it paint on the one hand. Give it time to be absorbed and paint hair. Then wash away it and untwine braid. The drawing is ready.
  9. In certain cases for drawing the drawing on hair resort to hairstyle. In such situations the picture is simply cut off by means of the hairdresser's machine for hairstyle or scissors. Of course, it is the best of all to entrust such procedure to the professional, otherwise you risk to receive the spoiled hairstyle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team