How to apply vitamin E to the person

How to apply vitamin E to the person

If skin began to fade and has lost the former tone, feed up it vitamin E as this element stops process of aging and returns freshness and beauty to face skin.

Vitamin E (its second name – tocopherol) protects skin from negative impact of ultraviolet rays, effectively fights against freckles and pigmental spots, eliminates peeling and irritation, normalizes water and lipidic balance, accelerates process of cell renewal, etc. For skin care vitamin E can be used both inside, and outwardly. External use of tocopherol is provided by rubbing in of vitamin E to face skin and use of cosmetics as a part of which there is this biologically active element.

Rubbing in of tocopherol in face skin

At the withering and dry skin care use the solution prepared from olive, rose or almond oil and vitamin E (on 50 ml of the main oil take 10 ml of tocopherol). Apply solution to the prepared skin, and 15-17 minutes later delete the remains of nutritious structure with tissue. This mix can also be applied to gentle eyelid skin, driving in it with fingertips on massage lines.

Cosmetic mix with vitamin E with the rejuvenating effect

As a part of such means there are following components: - 1 tablespoons of cocoa butter; - 1 tablespoons of sea-buckthorn oil; - 1 tablespoons of tocopherol. The cocoa butter kindled on water bath is mixed with vitamin E and sea-buckthorn oil. Dense layer apply the turned-out weight to the prepared skin (including on eye area) on quarter of hour, and then the remains of means delete with dry napkin. This procedure is recommended to be performed in 2 hours prior to dream twice-three times a week. The effect of implementation of such rejuvenating procedures will be noticeable already week later after the beginning of session.

Honey gruel with tocopherol

Recipe of nutritious mix is as follows: - oat flakes; - olive or almond oil; - honey; - natural yogurt. All these components take in equal proportions (1 tablespoon) and carefully mix. Then weight is enriched with 10 drops of vitamin E and again mix components. Cover with ready structure face, and 8-10 minutes later wash away water of comfortable temperature. It is not necessary to apply this gruel more often than two times a week and besides it is better to refuse use of such mask at allergy to beekeeping products.

The tightening cosmetic mix with vitamin E

The cosmetic weight as a part of which there is such set of components possesses magic impact on skin: - 0.5 tsps of vitamin A; - 2 tsps of cream for the person (has to correspond to type of your skin); - 3 ml of juice of aloe; - 2 ml of tocopherol. Ingredients carefully mix and put for 10-12 minutes then wash warm water.

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