How to apply vtirka for nails on gel polish

How to apply vtirka for nails on gel polish

Vtirka for nails has appeared not so long ago, but already has managed to become popular in manicure. Thanks to her nails gain mirror gloss and unique shine. For holiday it is possible to decorate all nails with vtirka, and for daily option it is better to choose finger on which carry ring.

It is required to you

  • - vtirka;
  • - gel polish;
  • - base;
  • - top;
  • - lamp for drying;
  • - applicator;
  • - bonder;
  • - brush;
  • - sponge or silicone pusher;
  • - cotton pads for removal of the remains of vtirka.


1. Vtirki for nails happen different types: holographic (glitters), mirror powder (metallic), various powders which also call melange and fruit jelly. That manicure has turned out successful and long kept, it is necessary to remember several rules of drawing. First, in the beginning qualitatively to prepare nail plate that it became ideally equal, otherwise the smooth surface will emphasize all shortcomings. Secondly, the vtirka for nails on gel should not is applied on too thick varnish coat — the firmness of manicure depends on it.

2. In the beginning nails process in the usual way and surely level, then put bonder and dry in lamp, further and again dry layer of gel polish, if necessary it is possible to make the second layer. After that use top and when it dries up in lamp, apply powder on it with brush or sponge. The layer of mirror vtirka for nails has to be thick that there was no gap left, and the smooth surface has turned out ideal. After that nails dry in lamp, fix by top and dry in lamp of 120 more seconds.

3. If for manicure the mirror vtirka is used, then the top without sticky layer is required, otherwise it will not be possible to achieve brilliant effect. Also it is necessary to watch that gel polish completely did not dry in lamp, that is it is necessary to reduce drying time that the vtirka has laid down on nail. By the way, if on plate there were some defects or the pigment is put thinly or uneven layer, then it is possible to repeat the procedure. In the beginning the nail is covered with top, dried and rub brilliant dust, and then fixed by glossy top.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team