How to avoid cellulitis

How to avoid cellulitis

At cellulitis in organism the structure of fat cellulose, mainly on hips, stomach and buttocks is broken that is shown on skin in the form of the ugly hillocks called still "orange-peel". Unfortunately, cellulitis can develop even at very young girls as one of its reasons are hormonal violations of hereditary character. But most often it develops if women move a little, irrationally eat and are nervous much.


1. The main thing what you have to remember if you do not want that on body in youth there was "orange-peel", this healthy nutrition. Try to avoid fried dishes and fat products and also smoked products, pickles, preservation, semi-finished products, rich pastries and cream cakes. First, these things are very caloric. Secondly, because of abundance of all artificial additives - dyes, thickeners, fragrances, taste amplifiers and so forth they are simply harmful and promote postponement of fats in fabrics.

2. Useful products which are really necessary to organism much to choose is from what. These are vegetables, fruit, greens, porridges, grain bread, low-fat meat, fish, milk, kefir and so forth.

3. Minimize the use of strong alcohol, coffee, sparkling water. Give preference to clear water, dry wine (in small amounts), to fresh juices, herbal teas. Apple, carrot, beet, orange, cucumber, cabbage juice is especially useful to prevention of cellulitis.

4. Forget about smoking. It, as we know, negatively influences blood circulation, and therefore contributes to the development of cellulitis.

5. You do not wear shoes on high heel and too close clothes. Try not to stand long in the same situation. If you stand on work much, try to change more often position of legs and to do at least the simplest exercises to improve circulation of blood and lymph.

6. Pay special attention to daily physical activities. Charging in the mornings, moderate run, occupations swimming or aerobics, driving the bicycle will help you to constrain development of cellulitis. By the way, exercises in gym where only some groups of muscles are pumped up, are not recommended since they can promote appearance of cellulitis.

7. For maintenance of tone of skin the visit of beauty shops where can offer complex methods of care for body, including massages, wrappings by seaweed or therapeutic muds, balneological bathtubs and so forth is useful. But if there is desire, a lot of things can be carried out also at home. For example, to have a shower bath cold water or to make grinding of problem places, to apply anti-cellulite cream or to do itself massage.

8. Avoid stresses and try to treat unpleasant events or news more quietly. Dissonances of nervous system promote emergence of tsellyulitny deposits too. If hassle did not manage to be avoided, then try to remove quicker stress and to relax. These are physical exercises, auto-training, yoga and so forth methods.

9. Some hormonal contraceptives contribute to the development of cellulitis. Before to use them, consult on experts.

10. Negatively ultra-violet radiation influences skin and hypodermic. Therefore if there is such opportunity, be under direct sunshine, especially less if you have light skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team