How to avoid pimples before periods

How to avoid pimples before periods

The vast majority of women before periods has heat-spots. Probably, many approximately in week prior to the beginning of monthly with a sinking heart approach mirror, expecting to see unpleasant surprise on face, neck, breast or back. It is possible to try to minimize monthly problems.


1. It is desirable to watch food constantly. But researchers have come to conclusion that before periods the improper feeding can badly affect condition of skin. Therefore it is necessary to reduce consumption of too greasy food. Include fresh fruit and vegetables in diet. Refuse for a while sweet, having replaced it with dried fruits. Too it is desirable to leave farinaceous food till the best times. Do not forget to drink more water that, however, is useful not only before periods.

2. Try to be nervous less. Yes, it is easy to tell, to be exact – to write. Artful PMS very few people avoids. But the stress perniciously affects organism and, including, condition of skin. It is desirable to avoid the situations provoking experiences. To prevent them, get out to walks more often, meet friends, enjoy life. Remember that to all fault hormones, but in several days everything will surely return to normal.

3. Pay attention to sebostatik. These medicines normalize production of skin fat. During the premenstrual period fat begins to be produced more actively, than usually and, as a result, causes appearance of pimples. Therefore sebostatik can become faithful assistants in hard fight against skin oiliness.

4. You apply less cosmetics. Remembering that skin fat is produced more, than usually, refuse for a while "heavy" foundations. Give preference to the powders which are not hammering time or, ideally, at all for a while postpone make-up bag.

5. Do not touch the person. This council is universal. Touching the person with hands, we bring on it the whole colonies of bacteria which provoke pimples. Though before monthly though after them – abstain from touches, even from simple "supporting" by chin hand.

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