How to be always thin

How to be always thin

Many women dream to lose weight. For some of these desires remains unattainable, at others - comes true. To keep the achieved result - too difficult task with which only small part of lost weight copes. To be always thin, take advice of psychologists and nutritionists.


  1. Present yourself only in the harmonious form. Especially, if you want to eat something fat or sweet. Close eyes and provide as remarkably you look in bikini. Record this show and come back to it every time when it wants something forbidden.
  2. For lunch eat soup. This rich and useful dish which for a long time keeps feeling of satiety. Naturally, try to give preference to low-calorie soups – tomato, carrot, pumpkin or to soup from celery.
  3. Create the diary in which write down everything eaten in day. Analyze records for several days. If it turns out that you jam grief or have a bite from boredom, replace this occupation with listening of favourite music, heat bath and phone call with the loved one.
  4. Walk more. In cool season light because of what the mood spoils can not be enough for organism. However even in gloomy winter day of street light will be enough to increase the level of serotonin and to present feeling of happiness. Besides, during walk you will spend a few calories.
  5. Use products with good carbohydrates. Products from whole grain, bread from coarse flour, etc. concern them. Carbohydrates are necessary for the correct metabolism and production of serotonin.
  6. Find to yourself hobby. In the evenings in front of the TV and pulls to eat cookies or candy with tea. And where one – there and the whole vase. But if your hands are occupied with embroidery or knitting, it will not occur.
  7. Cook the favourite dishes in a new way. Instead of white flour use coarse flour, instead of pork take beef, etc. Add more pepper to dishes. This seasoning warms that very relevant in the winter when getting hungry more because of cold, and well burns fat deposits.
  8. Try to get enough sleep. The chronic sleep debt plunges organism into condition of stress, he begins to demand more food.
  9. Make love. 20 minutes of sex burn 140 calories and release large amount of endorphines – happiness hormones.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team