How to be grown piercing

How to be grown piercing

It is possible to treat piercing differently – from fanatical following to fashion before sharp condemnation of similar "self-tortures". Anyway, it is necessary to approach perforation of skin with care and not to carry out it independently. Once you can be necessary to be grown piercing. Even if on the place of beautiful ornament it was not formed hem, process of overgrowing of opening can be dragged out. To cope with this problem and not to cause complications, surely address the expert.

It is required to you

  • - antiseptic agent;
  • - ointment from hems;
  • - plastic surgery.


1. Address to the proved beauty shops if you love piercing. In this case there will be more guarantees that the place of puncture in case of need will quickly and safely grow. Before injuring especially sensitive zones (such as chest gland, eyebrow, language and other), at first you descend to the doctor.

2. It is not necessary to do two and more openings on one site of skin at once, otherwise it is possible to provoke inflammation. Such piercing will be more difficult to be grown then. If you after all have decided to make number of punctures (for example, on ear), let's the first hole heal completely. Only after that it is necessary to do the second. Piercing is small, but operation, and it demands treatment. Usually cosmetologists appoint antiseptic agent (often – 0.01% Miramistina solution). They need to moisten cotton wool and to wipe wound 2 times a day.

3. Grow piercing on navel if you plan pregnancy in half a year. Usually this time is enough that the opening on stomach has completely grown. Do not let matters drift – in process of growth of fruit not prolonged hole by all means will stretch, and future mother can already not remove puncture from earring. On practice of plastic surgeons, beautiful fashionable ornament at pregnant women often is wrapped in ugly scar.

4. Attentively examine opening from earring which you want to be grown. If it small also did not zastaret - there is chance that piercing will grow itself and without consequences. If on the place of puncture there was hem, go to the cosmetologist. You can be helped by special pharmaceutical ointments like Mederma, Klevrin, Contractubex and other similar remedies. To prevent possible side effects, do not apply ointment without doctor's instructions.

5. If your piercing became long ago, badly grows and turns into hem, address for consultation the plastic surgeon. Do not tighten with it that pathological process has not begun. Superficial injuries of epidermis to you pretty fast will remove laser grinding or by other methods of plastics. It will be hard to get rid of the expanding red nodes (they are called keloid).

6. Prepare for quite long treatment of keloid hem. Usually scars from piercing adjust, removing the deforming skin tissues. But development of rough scar differs at different people therefore you should choose the skilled doctor – he will develop the individual scheme of treatment.

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