How to be in the beautiful spring

How to be in the beautiful spring

winter cold weather and cloudy days there comes the spring, and so there is a wish to meet it fully equipped, to help organism to blossom again together with the waking-up nature. To be in the beautiful spring, it is necessary to put skin and hair in order, to clean organism from the slags which have accumulated during the winter. It as cosmetic cleaning which is necessary for updating not only body, but also soul.


  1. Pay attention to skin, it has transferred in the winter many stresses. Till May you have time to make the deep cleaning procedures at the cosmetologist, in house conditions do easy peelings and moisturizing masks. As day cream it is better to choose moistening, containing alphahydroxide acids too. For those at whom the skin became too oily it is necessary to exclude all cosmetics which part alcohol is.
  2. It is not necessary to treat skin to action of direct sunshine, take care that as a part of your day cream there were light-protective filters having the level of protection against ultra-violet radiation SPF-15-20 is not lower. It is especially necessary for those who do not want on face freckles to be shown. With the first beams of the bright spring sun begin to use sunglasses.
  3. Allocate enough time for full-fledged dream. Try to sleep only on spin, it will help to avoid hypostases and will provide access of oxygen to all surface of skin.
  4. Do nutritious masks for hair and nails. There is set of recipes, but it is the best of all to use those which cornerstone folk remedies are. They can be bought today practically in each drugstore, and they cost not much. Just allocate for this purpose time on the weekend or before going to bed, do course of these procedures and your skin, nails and hair will gain gloss and force of youth. It is possible to drink polyvitamins or dietary supplements of complex influence.
  5. The healthy spring nutrition is of great importance. Surely include in the diet grain (especially oats and rice), greens and vegetables. Before going to bed within month it is possible to drink the wheat bran which is filled in with kefir. At least week it is necessary, having excluded meat from the menu, to eat vegetables and fruit. You cook easy cream soups from asparagus, pumpkin and mixed vegetables.
  6. And, the most important, is spring mood. Use arrival of spring to carry out clear-out of soul – forget former offenses, draw conclusions from failures and mistakes, plan to yourself the new purposes and tasks, begin their performance. Nothing so paints the woman in the spring as gloss in eyes and smile.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team