How to be painted during heat

How to be painted during heat

In hot season habitual cosmetics can bring. Lipstick will spread, the face covered with foundation will begin to shine foully, and the powder applied to moist skin will lay down untidy spots. That even in the most hot days to look in the best way, collect special summer make-up bag.


  1. Lay dense foundation until cool days. During heat replace it with the proofreader. Pointwise you apply means on problem sites of skin. Give preference to textures without addition of oils. Instead of cream powder get easy powdery means with the matting properties. You put it with wide brush - the effect of fresh face will remain at several o'clock.
  2. During the day eliminate greasy luster by means of the special matting napkins. They do not contain powder. The problem of these leaflets is to remove surplus of fat and to make skin fresh and opaque. If you want to be powdered, surely process face such napkins and only after that undertake sponge. Such reception will help you to avoid effect of puff pie on face.
  3. Replace sticky gloss with soft lipsticks or gloss in stika. Also the novelty - lipstick in the form of felt-tip pen is very good. She helps to draw the exact, not spreading contour of lips and to create thin, translucent and very steady covering.
  4. Choosing blush, give preference to gel and liquid textures. Such means are put with one-two dabs and quickly shaded by fingertips. Correctly imposed steady blush creates effect of fresh, well rested face, is not erased and not smeared. The thin layer of liquid pigment can be put also on lips. Depending on the chosen shade, it will give very delicate pink, scarlet or coral tone.
  5. For make-up of eyes choose cream shadows. They are quickly fixed on centuries, not smeared and do not disappear during the day. Successfully picked up gray, brown or swampy green shade will be suitable for daily make-up and will allow to do without planimetric pencil. On eyelashes put layer of waterproof ink - it will not float from sweat, tears or unexpected summer rain.
  6. You hold near at hand barrel with thermal water. It will help to refresh quickly the person, without smearing make-up. After spraying of moisture blot skin with tissue.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team