How to be painted with henna

How to be painted with henna

Healthy shiny hairs - beauty basis in general. All know that frequent use of paint can do much harm to structure of hair, result in fragility, emergence of the splitting ends, loss because of weakening of roots. Besides, the itch of head skin often appears from behind the painting components, that is allergic reaction.

As for coloring by henna (including black henna, or basma is actively used), it is safe and the main thing is useful. First, it feeds hair with all necessary mineral components. Secondly, when coloring the weight which is applied on hair works as the strengthening and restoring mask. It is possible to paint hair by means of henna and basma almost in any shade. The only thing that to decolour hair and to turn from the brunette into the blonde with their help will not turn out.


There are some councils as it is possible to receive beautiful saturated shades for hair of average length:

  • for red shade henna, for black – basma is used.
  • for achievement of copper shade three parts of henna and one part of basma, mix on broth from onions scales are necessary to cook.
  • for achievement of chestnut shade on three parts of henna three tablespoons of instant coffee are added, mix cooks as usual, according to the instruction on packing.
  • for receiving chocolate shade it is necessary to take two parts of henna, one part of basma and two tablespoons of instant coffee, and further to work according to the instruction.

How to make conditioner

For fixing of color after coloring it is necessary to use independently prepared conditioner. Will be necessary for it: three tablespoons of fruit vinegar (it is possible to use usual, but it will leave not absolutely pleasant smell) and 1 liter of water. To mix these components and to rinse with the received solution hair. At the end of procedure for coloring of hair it is possible to use indelible cream or usual conditioner for easier combing.

Coloring by henna, undoubtedly, takes more time, than when using ready paint of well-known companies. But health of hair, their natural gloss and force stand it!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team