How to be recoloured from dark chestnut in fair-haired

How to be recoloured from dark chestnut in fair-haired

Light curls always are fashionable. Many brunettes, brown-haired women want to feel as fair-haired romantic blondes. Other ladies, having recoloured own fair hair in dark-chestnut, make the decision to return the natural color. But how it is correct to make it that the effect was pleasant and the minimum harm has been done to hair?


  1. Determine color of your hair at the moment by the farb-card (card of shades). Farb-karty are available in beauty shops and in cosmetic departments of the shops trading in paints. Receive result, having put lock of the hair to samples on the card. They have to match. Now choose the recommended tone of clarifier for your type of hair.
  2. Dark-chestnut hair will not manage to be transformed quickly to light without clarification. Do not wash hair that natural fat has protected them from damage before the procedure of clarification. At thick dense curls of lighting emulsion it is required more, than at thin.
  3. Grease face skin on border with the olive oil or nutritious cream growing at hair. Make the clarifying structure as it is recommended on packing of means by the producer. Do not use at the same time metal tools. Put on polyethylene gloves hands.
  4. You apply means on hair, since area of nape to the lower hair. Temporal part of hair it is also necessary forehead paint at the very end of drawing means. And you apply clarifier at first on hair, excepting roots, take 10 minutes and then paint over roots.
  5. You hold clarifier on the head within 30 minutes, including also those 10 which maintained colourings in the beginning. Do not put hair in half when putting on them clarifier, do not twist, leave straight lines, do not cover with polyethylene or towel. Wash away carefully clarifier after half an hour.
  6. Now the stage of coloring of hair in tone which you want to achieve has come. Paint hair in fair-haired color next day after their clarification. But if very much you hurry, then it is possible to dye hair in the same day, applying surely conditioner to the painted hair. Follow instructions when coloring hair in fair-haired color as it is recommended by the manufacturer of paint on packing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team