How to be recoloured from the brunette in red

How to be recoloured from the brunette in red

Women – beings not constant and eternally looking for changes. Well, at least in the appearance and hair color. Now it can be reached by means of special hair-dyes. But also here not everything is so simple. To take, for example, red hair color. From the blonde or fair-haired in red it is easy to be recoloured, and here to brunettes it will be more difficult. The black hair color is very resistant even to chemical components of paints. Therefore practically always before coloring it is necessary to clarify hair on several shades.

It is required to you

  • Ware for preparation of the painting and clarifying mixes, gloves, hair-dye (red), hydrogen peroxide, liquid ammonia, bicarbonate ammonium, the hair dryer.


  1. Prepare 9 percent solution of peroxide of hydrogen. It can be found in drugstore or industrial shops. Calculate that solution was enough for all your hair. The hair are stronger, the worse they are moistened with water, the more solution is required to you. For bigger productivity and speed of bleaching it is possible to add liquid ammonia or bicarbonate ammonium to peroxide. Liquid ammonia also gives to hair a little red shade that in your case only suit. But do not put it too much, otherwise solution will lose the necessary clarifying qualities.
  2. Apply the turned-out mix on dry hair and you keep the head in the warm until hair are clarified on 4-5 tones. It is desirable to wrap up at the same time the head in towel. During this procedure, perhaps, you will feel discomfort and burning of head skin.
  3. Carefully wash out hair. In order that they became a little softer, it is possible to use hair balm. Apply it evenly on hair and wash away in 20-30 minutes. Then dry up hair phenom.
  4. Prepare mix for coloring of hair in red color. It is necessary to prepare it only before the drawing on hair that it did not stand long because some chemical components are capable to react with oxygen. The result of coloring can significantly differ in such paint from the desirable. Experts recommend to take break between clarification and coloring in several days. That hair have a little had a rest and were recovered.
  5. By means of wide brush apply the prepared paint on dry hair. Try to make it evenly, otherwise the painted locks will differ in shades. Keep paint on hair the necessary time and wash away. Dry up hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team