How to be recoloured from the colored brunette in the blonde

How to be recoloured from the colored brunette in the blonde

In the commitment to excellence the women are uncontrollable and at times go on the most courageous experiments with the appearance. Often in such experiments they change hair color, in hope that to return its original form will not make special work. But if you are concerned by question as it will be recoloured from the colored brunette in the blonde, then want to warn you that considerable efforts for this purpose will be required and not always you will manage to achieve ideal result.


  1. Coloring of hair is caused by the painting pigment which particles, getting between the scales covering hair as armor give it color. The dark pigment on hair will be noticeable very long and it will not be possible to wash away it usual shampoo. Best of all address the professional hairdresser. If your hair rather dense and strong, they are able to sustain repeated clarification by special structure remover. If problem, then the master offers you the sparing program at which you gradually change color.
  2. In case you have decided to be recoloured from the colored brunette in the blonde independently, in house conditions, then to do to hair the minimum harm, do it gradually. In 4 months stop tinting hair before, being limited to subpaint only of roots that they were not noticeable. Z this time color will a little be washed away and will become much lighter.
  3. In salon shop get special means for washing of the painting pigment. One of qualitative and inexpensive - Estel Color Off. To achieve the necessary effect, act according to the enclosed instruction and, depending on effect, repeat the procedure several times with break in 4-5 days.
  4. If the result still suited not really you, clarify hair. But choose the good clarifying paint not containing a lot of ammonia. If the hair color has turned out non-uniform, you should not torment them further – cut the ends which, as a rule, are more difficult for clarifying. In several days dye hair that color-blond which is pleasant to you. If there is opportunity, consult previously to the hairdresser-colourist that hair have not got greenish, pink or violet shade.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team