How to become beautiful and healthy without excess efforts

How to become beautiful and healthy without excess efforts

how to be in harmony with the body, it is possible to become beautiful and healthy without excess efforts. Regular attention to the organism, exception of addictions and several pleasant soul and to body of occupations promote finding of ease and symmetry.


  1. Try to eat competently, without excesses. Take for the rule is not for the night even if there is a strong wish. Do not exhaust yourself with pernicious diets, especially if they do not help you. And if you go on diet or you limit yourself in some products, be convinced that all necessary vitamins and nutrients come to your organism. Refuse abuse of alcohol and smoking.
  2. Find several hours a week for sports or yoga. Do not refuse to yourself full-fledged dream. If you know that early rise is necessary in the morning, do not sit up late. Try not to drink a lot of liquid for the night, otherwise shadows under the eyes and puffiness can develop in the morning. Will not prevent and walk before going to bed, there are quite enough even 15 minutes walk in the fresh air.
  3. Carefully you watch purity of the face and body. Wash hair as often as they demand that. Use the means suitable your age, type of skin and hair. Do not assume that your hands and nails looked not well-groomed. Whenever possible, you look in mirror more often, you watch hairstyle and make-up. Sometimes indulge yourself visits of beauty shop and hairdressing salon.
  4. Look narrowly at what is put on you. Do not allow neryashestvo in clothes, you watch that all buttons were on the place, any spots, the sticking-out threads. Occasionally update the clothes, especially, if you have dumped or have grown fat that the clothes did not look "not by the size". Pick up clothes so to emphasize advantages of the body and to hide its shortcomings.
  5. If you look at life positively, then show optimism to events. Smile more often, learn to derive pleasure from life. Be whenever possible polite, do not respond with roughness to roughness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team