How to become glamourous of gray mouse

How to become glamourous of gray mouse

glamour is way of life of modern girls. Glamourous young ladies with ease create novels, rise up career ladder and enjoy life. To become same as they, difficult, but it is possible.

The glamour is ukhozhennost

Imagine any glamourous girl. What is evident first of all? Long well-groomed hair, beautiful manicure, pure leather and snow-white smile. Unlike gray mice, glamourous girls love the appearance and watch it. It is not obligatory to be the classical beauty, but to look after itself it is possible to learn.

Be engaged in the person: cure heat-spots and get rid of black dots. No expensive foundation will cover these imperfections. Regularly moisturize and tone up the skin, once a week use srub and nutritious mask. You descend to the hairdresser and do stylish hair. The natural hair color can be dim or too usual - if you do not want to change, then can just tint slightly hair or make fashionable coloring to ombra. Register in manicure and pedicure. If you do not want to paint brightly nails, choose corporal varnish or make the French manicure. Take care and about figure - register in fitness and anti-cellulite massage.

The word glamour in translation from French means charms, to bewitch.

Glamourous appearance

Glamourous clothes - womanly and sexual. Forget about favourite shapeless t-shirts, the warmed ski trousers and spacious summer trousers. The glamourous girl is womanly even in the gym - she will choose not stretched sports pants, and leggings, lovely shorts and bright t-shirt. The main clothes of the glamourous star are dresses and skirt. But do not confuse glamour with vulgarity. You have to look womanly, but does not have gone. Choose the fitted silhouettes, flower prints and the flying fabrics. Supplement dresses with accessories - suitable handbags, jewelry and hairpins. Try to carry heels more often. It is useful to look at female magazines to learn the recent fashion trends - glamourous are not born, and become. If you never used cosmetics, now it is a high time to begin. If you do not want to be painted brightly, learn to do easy natural make-up - it is imperceptible, but does face well-groomed and shining.

According to versions of fashionable female magazines, Merlyn Monro, Paris Hilton, Ksenia Sobchak, Megane Fox and Christina Aguilera have been recognized as the most glamourous.

Glamourous behavior

Having decided to become glamourous, you should change the opinion on yourself completely. Gray mice often have the underestimated self-assessment, they are constraining and badly meet with people. Look at yourself in mirror, estimate what fine you became. Admire the new hairstyle and the beautiful fitting dress. Having fallen in love with itself, you will notice, as other people reach for you. It is always pleasant to communicate with the person who is self-assured. Be not afraid of communication. New acquaintances will give you lot of positive emotions and will allow to establish useful relations. Be charismatic, smile more often, you pay compliments and be not confused because of small defects.

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