How to become the handsome guy in 15 years

How to become the handsome guy in 15 years

, as we know, concept relative. For someone some lines, are attractive to someone absolutely others. That is why important not only to care for the appearance, but also to improve the mind and body. Then there will be chance to win much more maiden hearts.


  1. Be tidy. It is quite difficult to be pleasant to the girl if to walk in the greased and torn clothes. That is why it is much more important to watch not that things corresponded to fashion trends, and behind their purity. Try to put on every day the washed shirt or t-shirt, without forgetting to iron carefully them before it. You should not forget also about condition of underwear and socks which should be changed daily, and if necessary and twice a day. Socks should not be torn at all, otherwise need to be undressed in the public place can nullify all efforts to subdue the girl.
  2. Follow rules of personal hygiene. Daily take shower, without forgetting at the same time about washing of the head – there is nothing worse than oily hair and smell of dirty body. Surely use deodorant. You brush teeth at least twice a day, and it is better – after each meal. Also be not afraid to visit the stomatologist, to subdue the girl much more simply with white teeth smile.
  3. Play sports. Girls love dexterous and strong guys, and it is the simplest to achieve it during sports activities: visits of gym, playing basketball or soccer, occupations tennis, various single combats and another. Besides, in 15 years it is already time to begin to be engaged in development of muscles to look more attractive in consequence. Thanks to it you will be able always to stand for yourself in dangerous situation and even to protect the girl, and it is appreciated by women much more, than beauty.
  4. You wear stylish clothes. Unfortunately, in 15 years the appeal of the guy in many respects consists including of things which he carries. That is why it also should pay attention. At the same time it is not obligatory to buy ultramodern sneakers or trousers. Usual jeans in combination with the t-shirt which is picked up for color, gym shoes and leather bracelet are capable to create attractive image. Well, and still nobody cancelled stylish combination of white shirt to classical trousers and shoes. The main thing to find the style, but without obvious shocking.
  5. Develop yourself. The appeal consists of many factors including from ability to quickly think, keep up any conversation or it is even simple to tell really standing joke. That is why important not only to own knowledge of the school program, but also to broaden the horizons due to reading fascinating books, viewing scientific programs or historical movies. It is also useful to solve problems on logic and ingenuity from time to time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team