How to become the most beautiful at school

How to become the most beautiful at school

become the most beautiful girl at school, it is insufficiently simple to watch the appearance. Really beautiful you will become only at integrated approach to yourself, paying attention to health, physical shape and own style.


  1. Pay attention to the physical training. Play sports, visit sports or gyms, fitness the centers, make daily jogs, whenever possible make multi-day hikes on the nature. If you have no time for sport per se, try to occupy yourself with daily physical work. Regular trainings by sport will help you to be in good shape and will increase endurance.
  2. For own body care and improvement of health it is also very important to balance diet of the food. Increase in consumption of fruit, vegetables and proteinaceous food can give energy to body, besides, these products favorably affect health of skin. It does not mean that it is necessary to change cardinally own diet, but consumption of healthy food will allow you to clean organism from hazardous substances.
  3. Emphasize own figure. The form reminding hourglasses is considered one of the most attractive shapes of female body. If your body is close to it, allocate it, selecting the corresponding clothes. If you do not possess such forms, look for clothes the most suitable for you. The clothes style is not of great importance, it can be even ordinary jeans which you wear every day.
  4. Always you watch the hairstyle, and make-up. Before somewhere going surely pay attention to these things, train yourself until you are sure that you look good enough. If you feel that in your appearance there are shortcomings, be not too lazy to come back home and eliminate them, for example, to add a little flourish or even to completely change hairstyle. Only at such approach you will be able to become the most beautiful girl at school.
  5. Good way to draw attention to itself – often to change the hairstyle. Try to carry braids of various forms, do the curling and straight hair, mix styles, etc. People surely will notice it, they will estimate your efforts and will become interested in you. The correct make-up is also very important, expressive eyes and lips are always attractive. However you should not go to far in it also. Address professionals, they will help to pick up the colors suitable you.
  6. True beauty cannot achieve only personal care. You watch the attitude towards other people. Quite often in attempt to look more beautiful than the contemporaries, the girls quarrel with them, offending their appearance. It you will achieve nothing. Your task on the contrary to force to feel people around attractive, it will surely raise your status in their eyes.
  7. Always radiate self-confidence, you remember who you are is and do not allow people around to change yourself. The best way to become the most beautiful girl at school is not to change itself and the principles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team