How to become womanly and attractive

How to become womanly and attractive

is difficult to overestimate value of femininity for creation of happiness. It is very important to awaken in itself the internal woman, to get acquainted with her. In question how to become more womanly, it is necessary to consider those aspects to which draw the attention of the man. We try for them. We will talk about appearance, aromas, hormones, about love for ourselves. That it was easier for each of us to be guided and understand where there are defects and over what it is necessary to work.


  1. Let's begin with hair. They have to be long. It is necessary as much as possible to emphasize sexual distinction. Short hairstyles go the little. And they, as a rule, are not pleasant to men. However, if hair excessively long - to bottom, are lower than bottom, to knees - it causes in men of association with the elderly woman from the village.
  2. The following note is addressed to women is more senior than forty years. During this period the climax begins, and many make the decision to shear length of hair. It cannot be done categorically. The hormonal background changes, you begin to smell differently, and if you also shear hair, then you turn for men into certain sexless being. They cease to notice you.
  3. It is very important that eyes were expressive. If the nature such has not awarded you, then it is necessary just to resort to the help of competent make-up.
  4. Men are attracted by small nose, as at the child. But you should not be upset if your nose is not so close to perfection. The most important that it harmoniously looked on face.
  5. Lips have to be chubby and sensual. At men at the subconscious level there passes the strong association between lips on face and vulvar lips. Therefore when girls use bright modern shades of lipsticks - violet, blue, yellow, dark brown, at men impression is made that the girl is ill something that there is with her something is not right. Even if the man does not give himself in it the report. It is better to give preference to more natural shades. If you very much want bright lipstick, gain, for example, red color.
  6. The neck is considered beautiful when it is long and flexible. It can be emphasized by means of the effective, correctly picked up decollete.
  7. Between hips and waist it is necessary to achieve the maximum contrast. If you have by nature not really narrow waist, it is possible to use one secret. It is necessary to pump up a little in the gym shoulders and hips. Thus, the waist will seem already. Or pick up clothes, the corresponding style.
  8. Men like long legs. Therefore they are so attracted by girls on heels. However, it is curious that some researches go on, the more long at the girl of leg, the it is less temperamental.
  9. Regarding clothes, we have to emphasize gender distinctions as much as possible. Dresses and skirts are the best assistants in issue of manifestation of femininity. If you have decided to put on jeans, then they have to emphasize bottom favourably.
  10. Footwear. As men like small leg, it is better to put aside oversayz sneakers and shapeless ugg. It is not necessary to pursue fashion excessively. Do not forget who creates it.
  11. Estrogen - the most important women's hormone. Exactly thanks to it our forms become such attractive. It is possible to influence the level of estrogen through correctly picked up food with the lowered maintenance of meat products and by means of training of intimate muscles.
  12. Men like unostentatious and light smells. Heavy aromas are associated at them with very age women. It is necessary to be careful with expensive perfumery as it, generally heavy. It can be very a pity when you pay thirty thousand for bottle with precious aroma, and men will run up in different directions. It is more preferable to carry light, playful perfume.
  13. Do not hesitate to flirt. When the girl flirts, she automatically becomes interesting individual, but not just good friend.
  14. Allow the man to look after you, to pay for you, to make to you gifts. Thereby you set the right direction to your relations.
  15. Acceptance of and love for - the integral components of femininity. However, it does not appear from scratch. It is insufficiently simple to tell himself that you smart, beautiful, and not to undertake anything else. The love for itself appears in the course of persistent work, development of the internal and external qualities. When you see result, you are got to fall in love. In you the healthy female egoism which so attracts men arises. By means of this female egoism you will cease to be afraid of male attention and will begin to enjoy it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team