How to begin to have a shave

How to begin to have a shave

Most of the young people beginning to have a shave know about the procedure of shaving a little. And it is fraught with unpleasant feelings, pimples on the face or cuts. Meanwhile, all this can be avoided easily, having idea of subtleties of preparation of skin for the procedure, technology of shaving and care for skin after it.


  1. First of all, get means for and after quality shaving. Treat them: the machine, skin (gel) for shaving and also cosmetics for skin care after to have a shave. Now there is the hugest choice of similar means. If you have sensitive skin, buy the skin containing the calming additives (camomile, vitamins, aloe) better. They will soften skin, will save it from burning and feeling of vtyanutost after shaving. If after the procedure on skin gnoynichka are formed, give preference to bactericidal means. Usually are their part triclosan, salicylic and fruit acids which interfere with inflammation development. Dry skin will suit the moistening skin more.
  2. After shaving perfectly disinfect and spirit lotions refresh skin. It is desirable to apply the neutral or combined with aroma of perfume means. In the presence of dry and sensitive skin it is better to refuse similar means since the alcohol which is contained in them causes peeling, redness and tightness of skin. In this case use the gels or balms and also the calming creams moisturizing the skin. Never apply usual fat cream after shaving. It can promote obstruction of time and development of inflammatory process of hair sacks.
  3. Just before shaving soften hard hair. It is reached by rinsing them several times warm water. It is possible to use hot compress. At the same time impose the napkin moistened with hot water on skin.
  4. After the similar procedure apply means for shaving on hair and leave it for several minutes. At this time rinse the razor with hot water. Begin to have a shave from temple towards cheek. Then you pass under chin and to upper lip. The chin is processed in the last turn. The edge needs to be conducted on skin exactly, in the direction of growth of hair. And though in some places not to do without shaving "against wool", it is in such a way better not to abuse. Throughout all procedure regularly and properly rinse machine edge with hot water.
  5. After completion of shaving wash away residues of foam cool water, blot face with soft towel and use aftershave. If during the procedure you were cut, use the old and checked method. Paste by means of saliva on wound piece of the newspaper and remove it after paper drying.
  6. Necessary leaving is demanded by skin and in breaks between shaving. Therefore it is important correct to purify it. For this purpose use special cosmetic soaps or gels. They do not overdry skin unlike usual soap. From time to time you carry out peeling with use of cream face scrub thanks to which from skin surplus of fat, dirt is removed and also blood circulation is stimulated and the complexion improves.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team