How to bewitch men

How to bewitch men

real woman can transfer the man to the world of distinguished feelings and beauty. She gives the most valuable pleasure, than simple sexual experience. Its secret consists in special internal state of advantage, femininity and behavior. In ability to be rather observant, thinly to feel any other person, in respect not only for, but also the interlocutor. In self-checking and discipline.


  1. For a start it is necessary to give confidence to the man that you know and divide his secret thoughts, fears and also dreams. What all of you understand and do not condemn for anything him. That you love him it what it is. You have to be benevolent, ready to keep up always with pleasure the conversation. You start conversation the first, even just like that. It is possible to start talking to the man in the bus, the elevator, shop. And at the same time only one phrase to let it know that it has met the dream.
  2. At each man in the early childhood the sexual ideal is created. And, when already adult boy meets the woman who reminds him this ideal, he just involuntarily falls in love with her. Therefore it is necessary to put on and brush the hair so that to it to remind the princess from the book, the heroine from its favourite movie or mother at the holiday table. For this reason, the you are more womanly are dressed, the it is more than chances to hook on themselves on men's look and heart.
  3. Put on puffy skirts, dresses with different lacy elements, shoes on heels. You carry hair or dismissed, or braid beautiful braids. Your image will be simple and at the same time fantastically beautiful.
  4. Vseponimayushchy and womanly you have to be also vigorous. Vigor – one of the main qualities of the woman if she wishes to bewitch men. However this property, as a rule, is inborn therefore to be vigorous just like that do not learn.
  5. You do make-up as much as possible more naturally. It is not necessary to be painted brightly to draw to itself attention of men. In order that the make-up looked the most natural, it is necessary that the hair color matched your color of eyebrows. Apply tone means only in case of need. You can apply tone on specific sites of skin, for example, under eyes. Do not abuse blush. Remember that you can place emphasis on eyes or on lips.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team