How to bleach swarty skin

How to bleach swarty skin

Often women who possess swarty skin want to make it is lighter. However many bleaching cosmetics (especially strong) contain toxic substances in the structure. Thus they can cause complications, for example, emergence of pigmentation or allergy. For this reason it is necessary to approach the choice of the bleaching means with care.


1. Grease face with the squeezed-out parsley juice. For this purpose take juice of parsley and mix it with milk in identical quantity. Then grease with the received mix face skin. Leave weight on face for fifteen minutes. Further wash away this weight warm water. You carry out such procedure daily.

2. Wipe skin with the frozen orange juice. This means will help not only to bleach skin, but also to refresh it. After wiping leave juice on face on quarter of hour. After that wash away the applied juice warm water. Further grease face with the moisturizing or nutritious cream.

3. Make mask of berries. Take couple of berries of strawberry, wild strawberry or blackcurrant, you istolkit and put the received mix on face. Approximately in half an hour wash away mask water.

4. Smear face with fat cream. Further cut lemon thin segments and put them evenly on face. Leave this mask on face no more, than for 10 minutes as at the longest procedure skin can redden. After that remove pieces of lemon and wipe face with the cotton pads moistened in cool water. Further wipe skin with the cotton pad moistened in milk.

5. Rub fresh cucumber on small grater and mix it with 1 stoloyovy spoon of nutritious cream. If you have oily skin, then take cucumber juice and mix it with usual vodka in equal quantity. Then leave liquid to infuse within 24 hours. Moisten with the prepared juice gauze napkins and put them on face, leaving eyes, nose and mouth open. Change napkins 3 times for twenty minutes. If you have dry skin, then take tablespoon of the rasped fresh cucumber and mix it with small amount of olive or vegetable oil. Wipe with this mix skin.

6. Mix lemon juice with equal amount of potato starch. Put the received consistence on clean face and leave for 15 minutes. After time rinse face skin warm water.

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