How to bleach teeth hydrogen peroxide

How to bleach teeth hydrogen peroxide

the snow-white smile is one of signs of healthy lifestyle, beauty and welfare. Dental clinics offer the procedure of bleaching of teeth by several methods. But such pleasure is not the cheapest therefore many bleach teeth in house conditions. The most popular way is holding procedure by means of hydrogen peroxide.

Preparation before bleaching of teeth

The method of bleaching of teeth with peroxide of hydrogen is the same procedure as decolorization of hair, and is not useful to health. Therefore before application of means it is worth minimizing the done harm. To learn dental health and enamels, it is necessary to descend on consultation to the stomatologist. Enamel for procedures with peroxide of hydrogen has to be rather thick and strong. Also formed yellowness has to be on surface, otherwise the used methods will not give the expected result. It is necessary to refuse snow-white color of teeth in case of diseases of periodontosis, caries and teething of wisdom. Careful survey of seal will help with the future to avoid destruction of all tooth as between it and seal cracks through which peroxide will get in tooth are formed over time.

With peroxide of hydrogen recommend to refuse to children till 16 flyings bleaching, to pregnant women and patients who have crowns or briquettes.

How to carry out the procedure of bleaching

Ways of bleaching of teeth by means of peroxide of hydrogen are simple and do not demand special preparation. The procedure will require only bottle of the means. In the first way it is necessary to mix 20 drops of peroxide of hydrogen with 50 gr waters and after toothbrushing to rinse ready solution oral cavity within three minutes. Later it is necessary to rinse mouth plain water. In the second way take Q-tip, apply on it peroxide and wipe teeth. After the procedure it is necessary to clean well teeth and to rinse mouth. In the third take toothbrush, several drops of hydrogen drip on it and brush teeth. All these ways allow to achieve snow-white smile for a short time. But you should not force events and to try to obtain still fast effect, applying often these procedures or undiluted solution. There is quite enough once a day for achievement of the goal. If not to follow these rules, it is possible to get burns of gums and to damage enamel.

Bleaching minuses

The procedure in itself is considered unpleasant, because of specific taste of peroxide of hydrogen. In time and after the carried-out procedure the gum can burn down. During bleaching course the teeth gain sensitivity to hot and cold. After bleaching it is necessary to keep whiteness of teeth as long as possible. For this purpose it is necessary to drink the painting drinks (coffee, juice, tea, etc.) through straw, to use the bleaching toothpastes and to watch the general with dental health.

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