How to braid beautiful braid

How to braid beautiful braid

Braids were always fashionable at women. Simple performed by, the accurate and beautiful braid can become ideal hairstyle for long hair. Especially effectively braids look on thick hair. Besides the ordinary spit there is set of types of braids.


  1. As to spin cone: Comb hair back. Allocate two thin (thickness of 2-3 cm) spin temple hair. Cross two locks. Right at the same time it has to appear over left. Now one hand press both locks to the head, and another on the left side take one more lock and arrange it over the first right, press locks to the head that do not burn. Take new lock on the right side and arrange it over previous left. Continue to repeat all stages, do not receive braid of the necessary length yet. At the end fix braid by elastic band or hairpin.
  2. How to spin side braids plaits: In front make any hair parting and finish it approximately on the top. Then continue it on nape, doing very precisely on the center. On the left side comb hair to nape. In front separate lock of hair from hair parting to temple. This overwind lock several times plait and you hold with hand that the plait has not collapsed. Now other hand separate the second lock which has to be under the first. Too overwind it plait, cross with the first, and at the same time change hands. After that hand press both locks that the braid did not collapse. Separate the left hand new lock, again overwind it and cross from previous. Again change hands, connect locks in one and transfer both to the right hand. Now spin thus braid to neck. From neck continue to spin in the same vein, overwinding locks (you remember what should be overwound in one direction). Fix the end of braid by elastic band. On the other side of hair parting weave just the same braid. Then connect both braids, sprain the turned-out braid, fix and decorate with tape.
  3. How to do plait from four locks: Comb moist hair and comb towards nape. Divide hair into four identical locks. Take the most extreme right lock and put it over next. Then take penultimate left lock and arrange over two first. Now miss extreme left lock under that that was at us extreme right. Do thus plait until it turns out desirable length. After that fix it by elastic band.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team