How to braid braids on short hair

How to braid braids on short hair

Braids often are the integral element of female hairstyles. With their help the skillful masters create various unusual images, elegant and distinguished, gentle and romantic. It is simple to braid braids on long hair, but how to make it on short? For this purpose there are interesting and original ways.


  1. To braid braids on short hair, use special false tails. It is possible to get them in specialized shop.
  2. Divide false tail into several equal parts and begin to braid in braids. Then their tips should be fixed at the tail basis by hairpins. To give to braids the necessary form, previously interweave into them thin to pro-wolf. To give to hairstyle the additional volume and splendor, make easy pile at roots.
  3. False tails have various coloring, be not afraid to experiment with them. Perhaps, you find any new image.
  4. Interesting option for short hair are African braids. They trudge from artificial material. Even if length of your hair is only three-four centimeters, you will be able to do this original hair. In total about two hundred African braids which it is necessary to untwine socks not later than three months can be located on the head. The fact is that the grown roots of hair will give to hairstyle very inaccurate look.
  5. For short hair it is possible to get special switches which fix by comb. But for this purpose it is necessary that the natural length of hair was not less than fifteen centimeters. Otherwise address the professional master who will choose for you switches and will advise option of their fixing.
  6. By means of artificial braids it is possible to do very original and fashionable hair. For this purpose accurately collect the hair in bunch on nape. If several locks are beaten out, then record them by means of invisible hairpins. On bunch fix false tail or braid. Afterwards it is possible to make the beautiful socket of it.
  7. Before braiding braids on short hair, carefully select color of artificial materials. So the hairstyle will naturally look.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team