How to braid cone around of the head

How to braid cone around of the head

Braid - "cone" – the universal idea for daily hairstyle. One of popular variations – the basket around the head suitable both to children, and adult girls. Such braid can be created on wavy or straight, average or long hair.

Preparation of hair

It is better to wash up the head the day before, hair will be scattered less. The iron is not necessary: today in fashion the easy negligence, slightly wavy locks perfectly keep within hairstyle.

The house hairdresser needs small kit of tool and cosmetics:

  • the smoothing spray or cream;
  • flat brush;
  • thin hairbrush;
  • hairdresser's clips;
  • hairspray of average fixing.

To process clean hair the moisturizing spray. He smoothes the fluffy hairs, does locks more smooth and obedient. To carefully comb them brush, to divide into parting in the middle. The bang can be pinned up clip if it long, is better to interweave locks into the spit in the course of work.

 Step-by-step instruction for weavingTo divide hair into 4 equal parts. Division goes on hair parting and the line perpendicular to it. To fix upper sectors by hairdresser's clips.

To begin work with the lower left sector. To separate lock, to divide it into 3 parts and to begin the crossing weaving across. That the braid smoothly bent around the head, to add to it small parts of hair from above and from below. Locks have to be thin and identical, then "cone" will be uniform.

Messages basket to ear, fixing tension two thumbs. It is possible to tighten or leave braid to more free slightly. To leave short hairs on nape free, they will do hair fashionably to negligent.

To remove clip from upper left lock and to continue to do plait clockwise, adding lock sideways and from the central part of the head. In the middle there has to be hair parting. If hair the short, ended locks gradually are replaced new, the braid keeps the thickness. When weaving long locks "cone" becomes more and more volume, reaching the maximum thickness it is necessary forehead.

Having reached the middle of the head, to release the Right upper Sector of hair and to continue to braid braid around, conducting it down. Work comes to an end on nape when side locks come to an end, instead of "cone" the usual plait is done. To fix its tip by thin elastic band, to twist under the basis of basket and to pin up hairpin.

Hands to straighten "cone", to remove accidentally dropped out locks, to process hairstyle varnish. At will it is possible to decorate it with ribbons, hairpins or decorative hairpins.

On the basis of basic braid it is possible to invent dozens pricheskok. The difficult basket can go on spiral, bending around the head several times. Effectively also "semi-cone" at which part of hair is braided in the form of wreath looks, and part remains dismissed on nape and curls in curls. Varying tension of locks, it is possible to lift basket to the top or to lower that it closed ears. The choice of option depends on situation, shape of face and personal preferences.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team