How to braid cone to the child: step-by-step instruction

How to braid cone to the child: step-by-step instruction

Braids were popular at all times and  will hardly sometime get out of fashion. Advantages it is available — variety of types of pleteniye, beauty, practicality of hairstyle. For the child cone at all ideal option. Will be to make it according to the instruction easily and quickly.

The cone holds not one decade leadership level among other hairstyles suitable adults and children. It shows to advantage with any dress, on any hair, even short — to shoulders.

There are several types of cones. To master subtleties of their weaving, following the instruction, simply. The child will even cope with it.

Safe classics

Step-by-step instruction

  • To take thick lock of hair at the level of the top. To divide it into 3 equal parts, as for the ordinary spit. The principle of weaving similar, only locks are not imposed at each other, and enclosed from below.
  • Having made the first interlacing, to side locks, are taken new, from free hair.
  • We keep the identical drawing until flowing hair ends and we  do not reach neck.
  • The plait is done also, with podkladyvaniye of locks the friend under the friend.
  • That the cone became more volume, it is possible to extend side parts a few.

Two classical cones

  • To divide hair into 2 equal parts, in the direction from forehead to neck. Each half will be the basis for braid.
  • To take thick lock, having receded from the line of the beginning of growth of hair of 5-7 cm. To divide it into 3 parts.
  • To start weaving of braids by classical option.

Cone fish tail

  • To take lock in 5 cm from forehead. ( At will it is possible to begin weaving with the top). To divide it into 2 half.
  • From each part to separate small lock and to throw on the second half.
  • After 3 interlacings , new locks join each perekid. They will go to braid basis.
  • The equipment of fish tail is used to cone tip. It will be more volume if accurately to pull each interlacing.

Air cone

Using technology of weaving of fish tail, we braid cone not hardly, otherwise the lightness will not manage to be achieved. It is better to begin such braid with occipital part of the head. The hairstyle will look most volume if at the end of work on hairstyle to povytyagivat a little some locks.

Having acquired the principle of creation of different types of cone, it is possible to experiment safely. To Propletat braid, framing forehead as rim, to start up it on head circle, or to bind among themselves at once several cones. Everything depends on imagination.

On weaving of similar cones at the beginner , on average, about 10 minutes leave. At working off of the equipment, this time is reduced to 3-5 minutes, depending on complexity of hairstyle and length of hair. What  option would not be chosen, the braid even at the most active girl, will hold on the whole day. Therefore cones for children — optimal variant. Hair long time are not beaten out from hairstyle, do not climb in eyes. 

For fixing of information on ways of weaving of cone, it is possible to use video lessons on the Internet. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team