How to braid hair of average length

How to braid hair of average length

It is considered that the braid can be weaved only out of long and thick hair. Then it looks beautifully. The same who has hair not especially long, very often choose other hairstyles, thinking that the braid it will not go. Meanwhile there are several options of braid for which hair of average length are necessary.

It is required to you

  • Hairbrush
  • Hairpin, elastic band or tape


  1. Braid the French braid. Comb hair back. If there is bang, it is possible to leave it. In front from the bulk of hair separate three small locks and begin to do plait. When the lock which was on the right in the beginning appears at the left — separate on the left side small lock and attach it to this lock. Make the same on the other hand. Thus interweave locks until all hair do not appear in braid. Fix the remained hair by elastic band or hairpin. It is possible to braid them and in braid behind, having decorated with tape with bow.
  2. It is possible to weave also two braids as the French. Divide hair into two equal parts parting in the middle. Begin to spin the first braid, having taken on the right side from forehead 3 locks. Gradually interweave other hair into the spit, separating them from weight small locks sideways and from hair parting. In precisely the same way weave the second braid.
  3. On the basis of the French braid also the hair wreath is done. It is possible to begin it from nape. Divide hair into two parts. From the right side separate 3 locks and begin to spin, gradually taking other locks from above and from below. Finish braid at nape. The remained lock can be hidden under braid and to pin up invisible beings. But it is possible to leave and twist tail, having fixed it by hairpin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team