How to braid the French braid

How to braid the French braid

On legend, the French braid has appeared in the Middle Ages at court of the king of France. Today it is at the height of fashion, and practically each girl with more or less long hair can weave it. The French braid is ideal for any action, however, to create it, it is necessary to know technology of weaving.

Weaving of the French braid

For weaving of classical French braid you need massage hairbrush and hairbrush with the pointed long end, scrunchy, satin color ribbons, invisible hairpins, mousse or varnish of easy fixing. It is desirable to begin weaving of the French braid on the clean, fresh-washed and dried-up hair.

The braided braid or the head can be decorated with various accessories in the form of plumelets, lace, flowers, rhinestone, coins and so on.

Well comb hair before total disappearance of tangled locks and sprinkle them small amount of varnish. Then distribute hair on one party, separate one big lock from other weight and divide it into three equal locks. Begin to spin from the line of forehead, having taken extreme lock from the right part of the head and having stretched it on the central lock, taking at the same time a few free hair. Then stretch the central lock on the right lock and place over it left. Interweave locks on both sides of the head, you do not doplett until the end of length of hair yet. Upon termination of weaving fix the French braid by tape or elastic band. Except traditionally French, there is turned out, or the return, braid which is famous for the gentle and romantic look. Technology of its weaving is similar to classical French option, however it is back.

Elegant, easy and unusual French braid rim

To braid the French braid rim, wash up and dry up hair, then apply on them mousse for fixing and make hair parting from ear to ear by means of hairbrush with the long pointed end. At the same time try to observe all lines of growth of hair. Pin up the bulk of hair invisible beings or fix by means of elastic band that they did not disturb you in weaving of the French rim.

Locks for weaving of this option of hairstyle should not be too narrow or wide that the hairstyle did not look roughly.

Begin to do classical French plait from the left ear, having taken any technology of its weaving as basis. Spin braid towards the right ear until you do not have more locks for podpletaniye to the spit, and then tie up the end of braid tape or elastic band and record it invisible beings. If desired, the French rim can be made openwork, negligent or uncombed – it is enough to weaken already braided classical braid and to artly release from it several locks. It is possible to decorate rim with small hairpins with flower heads or to interweave into it narrow satin ribbons of bright shade.

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