How to braid thick braid

How to braid thick braid

Thick maiden braid – it is always beautiful and effective. It represents healthy, thick and strong hair. Dlinnaya and thick Spit always draws attention of opposite sex. However, to learn it beautifully and to braid correctly, it is necessary to adhere to some recommendations.

It is required to you

  • - massage hairbrush;
  • - dividing hairbrush;
  • - spray for hair with clear water;
  • - hairbands.


  1. To braid thick braid it is not obligatory to be the owner of by nature very thick hair at all. Rather simply to add already ready artificial locks to the hair. Just to podpletayta ready locks, forming thick braid.
  2. Before weaving of braid it is necessary to comb hair carefully. It is necessary to comb in the natural direction of growth of hair.
  3. Then hair should be moistened slightly. For this purpose use the good spray with clear water.
  4. Further divide all hair into five identical locks. The quantity of locks is the main distinctive feature of the ordinary spit from volume and thick.
  5. Take the most extreme lock on the right and put it on next. Thus, at you it has turned out that this next lock became extreme.
  6. Now take lock which is in the center, and put it on that which from the very beginning was right extreme.
  7. Take that lock which became central, and put it on next to it left.
  8. After that put the left extreme lock on next.
  9. Continuing the above actions in chronological order, you receive the standard, but having large volume braid.
  10. It is optional to do plait from five locks. It can also be braided both from four, and from six locks. In all these cases you receive rather volume result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team